Our business model is more about humanity than about profits . . . 

The U.S. and the world is suffering from an affordable housing crises. The need for truly affordable and decent "work force housing" is in high demand but yet that demand is not being met. In addition, 52% OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC are not able to meet their monthly rent or mortgage payments.

Most cities within the U.S. are experiencing record homelessness, with men, woman and children holding up cardboard signs begging for food at the entrance of most  shopping centers, freeway on ramps and traffic intersections.


43,000,000 people in U.S. on food stamp assistance.

578,000 homeless / 216,197 people with families / 362,163 individuals / 84,291 "chronically homeless" / 49,933 Veterans.

GLOBAL Statistics:

There are 100 million homeless people world-wide / 1.6 billion people living without adequate housing.

Our company was founded on one core principle . . .

Everyone deserves to have a home.

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